Project Description

Noosa Council – Koala Infrastructure Audit and Feasibility Project

Client: Noosa Council

Conservation planning for koalas and the habitat they depend upon are important considerations for improving planning and management practises to ensure the long-term conservation of koalas. Premise Environment, formerly known as O2 Ecology, partnered with the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) to provide Noosa Council with a thorough understanding of existing koala infrastructure and recommendations for future infrastructure within the Noosa Council Local Government Area. The project included:

  • A field audit of existing koala infrastructure;
  • Koala scat surveys with USC’s koala scat detection dog, Maya;
  • A literature review focussing on mitigation measures for wildlife-vehicle strikes and the barrier effect of roads, their efficacy and application to koala conservation; and
  • Identification of areas for additional koala infrastructure through GIS analysis.

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