Our talented team of experienced professionals and extensive cross-market knowledge allows us to offer a broad range of complementary services across a range of market sectors.


With our extensive depth of knowledge of the development process, it is within this market sector where we specialise in all facets of property. Our expertise allows us to prepare comprehensive budgets, including appropriate risk allocation and contingency, and perform a range of services including innovative integrated design, due diligence, peer reviews, all aspects of local and State Government approvals, construction supervision and contract administration, and a complete suite of environmental assessment and design services.

We have developed market leading systems and processes for time management of multi-stage land development projects, which assist in meeting delivery targets from concept designs through to as constructed. These processes take into account important local variables, utility provisions by others and approval processes. We also understand the importance of integrating civil engineering works with the built form on urban development projects. Successfully adapting to the ever-changing industry and delivering award winning projects for our clients, we continually strive to exceed our client’s expectations.

With over 50 years of being in business in the property industry, we have vast expertise in the areas of large scale master planned communities, residential subdivisions large and small, localised infrastructure servicing communities and residential estates, high-density high-rise apartments, medium-density living, low-rise apartments and townhouse complexes, aged care facilities and eco resort living.


Our team has a strong reputation in being able to assist in asset management, asset replacement and renewal, particularly in the water and wastewater industry. We also have strength in facility management in the Government and mineral processing areas. We can provide complete electrical engineering solutions to government and industry clients due to our extensive experience in this field, and we have the in-house capability to provide Government and industry clients with business analysis and modeling of important projects for the consideration of financiers, equity partners or treasury.  We can assist in formulation of Government and company policy to progress projects, and we structure our modeling to our clients’ needs. We have a unique understanding of the functions of all levels of government, and can tailor company policies, management plans or actions plans to your compliance needs.


Our team has had a long and continuous involvements within the resource sector in Australia and internationally, with significant capability and track record providing market leading environmental and engineering services to the sector.

Our multi-disciplinary team of engineers, ecologists, water and soil scientists, and agronomists can provide our resource sector clients with a fully integrated ‘end to end’ service to mitigate project risks and maximise project returns from pre-feasibility stage, through mining closure.
Our services include pre-clearance environmental surveys and mapping, environmental approvals and permits, fauna handling, vegetation offsets delivery, environmental compliance audits and reporting, mine rehabilitation planning and design, and the full suite of engineering infrastructure design and documentation services from the pre-feasibility stage, through detailed specification, and commissioning of works, for mining, industrial and power networks.

We have experience in the design and documentation of resource infrastructure, such as haul roads, environmental dams, electrical power and communication, process elements, such as ball and rod mills, conveyor systems, storage bins and screens, bulk material handling and loading points, including Ports, ecological and structural audits, and accommodation villages.  Our services extend to power system audits, reporting and modelling, load flows, fault analysis, control system programming (PLC/DCS), detailed design, equipment sizing and selection, instrumentation, P&ID and PFD creation.


We have a long and proud history supporting the growth of successful agricultural enterprise in Australia. Formed in 1995, our aim was to be the industry leader for agricultural environmental management and engineering, both nationally and internationally. We have focused on providing ethical, independent, high-quality, innovative and practical solutions that enable our clients to improve their profitability of their business through more efficient and sustainable practices. For over 20 years we have enjoyed contributing to the intensive livestock industries, broadacre farmers, abattoirs and general agribusiness requirements. We have had significant involvement in sector funded research and development in more efficient and sustainable farming practices. Our multi-disciplinary team includes highly qualified agricultural and environmental engineers and agricultural scientists, all with diverse experience in the agricultural sector.


Our motivation is to provide our clients with positive cost effective outcomes that exceed their expectations and deliver benefits to the community in a sustainable manner. We recognise both public and private hospital organisations as key providers of high quality services, essential to the delivery of health outcomes to the community.  We have participated in multi-disciplinary design and project management teams on major health facility projects for both public and private clients, such as hospital redevelopment master planning, specialised engineering advice, structural and civil design of facility upgrades, traffic engineering assessments and advice, and project management services. We offer a professional and effective solution with our experienced design team to maximise the opportunity for innovation and delivery of value for money without compromise of the essential standards required to achieve hospital licencing.


We work closely with State and Local Governments on policy development, program design and implementation, and environmental and engineering planning and design services for all types of Government infrastructure, from roads and bridges, to major pipelines, water treatment plants and port infrastructure. We have a unique understanding of the functions of all levels of government, and can tailor policies, management plans or actions plans to our clients’ specific needs.

We can provide complete engineering solutions to local and state government clients due to our extensive experience in this field, and we have the in-house capability to provide our clients with business analysis and modelling of significant projects for the consideration of financiers, equity partners or treasury. We can assist in formul
ation of government policy to progress projects, and we structure our modeling to our clients’ needs. We also have strengths in the areas of environmental asset mapping and management, physical asset replacement and renewal, particularly in the water and wastewater industry, as well as facility management.

We have delivered, designed and advised national and international Governments on water, and in particular, wastewater projects. Our Senior Engineers have previously acted as independent advisors to the Indonesian Government in Irian Jaya and the Papua New Guinean Government on wastewater projects. We offer vast experience in the operation, maintenance and management of municipal water and wastewater infrastructure encompassing environmental compliance and engineering.

We offer a range of services to benefit this sector. For more information use the following links.


We have offices in the major metropolitan areas of Brisbane, Townsville, and Perth, as well as regional bases in Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Mackay, Whitsundays, and Busselton, to ensure your needs are met no matter where your project is!