Our History

Premise was strategically formed to offer high quality expertise and services. Our commitment is to provide unparalleled leading-edge knowledge and solutions to our clients, delivered with the personalised attention of a boutique firm. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations each and every day.

We have been providing practical, tailored solutions since 1975 that have endured and resulted in long-lasting partnerships with clients and suppliers as well as our staff.


July 1975 – ETS Architecture & Engineering established

ETS Architecture & Engineering Group emerged as an interdisciplinary firm offering structural engineering, civil engineering and architecture. ETS had strong relationships with the property and development market, both in Australia and Papua New Guinea.



April 1995 – FSA Consulting established

FSA Consulting was established in 1995. Based in Toowoomba, FSA became Queensland’s preeminent agriculture firm, providing interdisciplinary engineering and scientific services for major producers across Australia


July 2004 – UDP Group established

UDP Group was strategically formed in 2004 to deliver engineering, infrastructure, and project management services. UDP Group was the aggregation of Horman Traffic, Base iGi Consulting, and iGPM Consulting.

O2 E&E


July 2009 – O2E+E (Environment & Engineering) is established

In 2009, O2Environment & Engineering entered the market as a specialist provider of soil and water management services to local and international audiences.


2009 – 2014 – O2E+E Evolves to become O2Group

In the five years following O2E+E’s establishment, the company expanded to become O2 Group, encompassing O2Ecology, O2Environment, O2Marine, and Turbid Stormwater Solutions. This move diversified the services that O2 Group could offer through one cohesive organisation.


January 2013 – ETS Engineering separates from ETS Architecture

In 2013, ETS Architecture & Engineering recognised a disjoint in market perception, citing confusion in architecture and engineering services being housed under the one brand. A decision was made to separate the two entities.

ETS Architecture continues to operate as a successful architecture and design firm focusing on the international market in Papua New Guinea. Meantime, ETS Engineering has gradually evolved into what is now Premise’s core engineering arm in South East Queensland.


November 2014 – ETS Engineering merges with O2 Group

Late 2014 saw ETS Engineering looking to expand their core capabilities, whilst retaining their established industry reputation. The merging of ETS Engineering and O2Group ultimately meant a complementary and interdisciplinary service offering could be brought to market.

Both groups were well established in the property and resource sectors, with the scale to accommodate both large and small projects, whilst maintaining personalised client relationships.


February 2015 – O2 Group acquires FSA Consulting

With both groups looking to further enhance their services, O2 Group soon acquired FSA Consulting, introducing specialist agriculture skills into the portfolio.



July 2016 – UDP Group and O2 Group merge to become O2UDP

The next external company merge was between the O2Group and UDP Group. Ultimately, this included ETS Engineering, FSA Consulting, Turbid Stormwater Solutions, O2Environment & Engineering, O2Marine, and O2Ecology from the O2Group, and UDP Horman Traffic, Base iGi Consulting, and iGPM Consulting as part of UDP Group.

STAGE 10 - Premise


June 2017 – O2UDP transitions into one brand under the new name of Premise

After the merger of O2 Group and UDP Group, the organisation encompassed a total of nine legacy brands. As the group could confidently demonstrate an extensive interdisciplinary portfolio, a decision was made to transition into one brand. That decision led us to re-brand as the unified consultancy you see today – Premise.

Geolyse Logo


October 2018 – Geolyse joins Premise

Geolyse was formed in Dubbo in 1989, offering engineering, town planning, surveying and architectural services. With additional offices in Orange and Oran Park (south west Sydney).


April 2022 – Southern Cross Consulting Surveyors joins Premise

Southern Cross Consulting Surveyors was founded in 1920 in Goulburn, NSW. The company was known throughout the area for its services in the urban development sector.  This move  enabled Premise to build upon many years of experience and offer services across a greater geographical footprint in regional NSW.


February 2023 – Eslers Land Consulting joins Premise

Based in Albury and Wagga Wagga NSW, Eslers brought more than 70 years of consulting business including surveyors, engineers and development consultants to Premise further expanding our geographical footprint.

Through the rise and amalgamation of our legacy brands spanning over 40 years, Premise has diversified its capabilities to assist a growing range of clients with complex projects.

Premise emerged through the strategic incorporation of our legacy brands. We are proud of our history, our integrated capabilities and our continued commitment to excellence.