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2007, 2017

Premise for Growth

Originally published - Townsville Bulletin. 05 07 2017 Published with permision. Author: CHRISTIE ANDERSON.   TOWNSVILLE-BASED engineering firm UDP Group is undergoing a ­rebranding following a merger with engineers the O2 Group. The two firms announced the merger in July last year and became O2UDP but will now be known as [...]

607, 2017

REVEALED: Engineering merger will affect Mackay

DAILY MERCURY, 4 July 2017 CHANGES: Chris Porter's Mackay office will be rebranded with the company's new Premise business name and logo WHILE the big boys and girls of the engineering consultancy world focus on the grand projects, a group of middle market firms has pooled together to [...]

2003, 2017

Townsville 2.0 featuring Executive Director Pat Brady

Watch the Townsville 2.0 featuring Executive Director Pat Brady  

1312, 2016

PNG Sewer Scheme Contract

Premise has been awarded a $0.5m contract with Water PNG for the Lorengau Township Sewer Scheme in Manus Province, PNG. The Manus Provincial Government is currently embarking on the much needed development of the sewerage project for the Lorengau Township, and along with Water PNG are jointly financing the planning, [...]

507, 2016

O2UDP Merger

We have great pleasure in announcing that O2 Group and UDP have merged. The merger brings together two highly compatible firms that will greatly enhance our experience and expertise, in addition to extending the services we can offer to our clients and the opportunities we can provide our valued employees. [...]

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