Our team of ecologists have the necessary skills to support projects ranging from small to large.

Our ecology team has over 70 years of combined experience in NSW and are accredited in the Biodiversity Assessment Method under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

Our strength lies in our regional footprint. We form strong ties with the local communities we work in, which means our employees leave legacies to be proud of. Premise’s diverse skills and experience, coupled with our collective drive and determination, has created an energetic culture that focuses on providing improved outcomes in both the public and private arenas.

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Dr Colin Bower

BSc, PhD, Accredited BAM Assessor

0428 263 274

Specialist Ecological Services
  • Biodiversity Development Assessment Reports (BDAR)
  • Biodiversity Stewardship Site Assessment Reports (BSSAR)
  • Terrestrial flora and fauna surveys, habitat assessments
  • Aquatic habitat assessments, water quality monitoring
  • Assessments of Conservation Significance (5-part Test)
  • Biodiversity impact assessment, mitigation and management
  • Baseline inventories and ecological monitoring
  • Vegetation Management Plans

Premise Ecology

Dr Colin Bower

Dr Colin Bower (BSc, PhD, Accredited BAM Assessor)

Col has over 40 years experience in biodiversity survey and assessment. He has worked extensively on development projects in NSW and is a recognised expert in native and introduced flora, vegetation monitoring and environmental impact assessment.

Col has published many peer reviewed scientific papers, and contributed data to the development of the NSW Vegetation Classification System.

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