Environmental Management and Compliance

Environmental Management

The team at Premise is experienced in leading projects from approval through to post-approval environmental management and compliance. We have the necessary technical skills to prepare a variety of environmental management plans (EMPs) for a vast range of projects.

Premise can prepare the following environmental management plans:

  • Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)
  • Operational Environmental Management Plan (OEMP)

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Premise can also prepare various subplans required in EMPs, including but not limited to:

  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESCP)
  • Soil and Water Management Plan (SWMP)
  • Stormwater Management Plan
  • Traffic Management Plan
  • Biodiversity Management Plan
  • Groundcover Management Plan
  • Rehabilitation Management Plan
  • Heritage Management Plan
  • Noise Management Plan
  • Air Quality Management Plan
  • Waste Management Plan


We have a strong focus on preparing EMPs that are practical, industry-specific and appropriate to the site and scale of the operation. This approach creates EMPs that are useful and don’t sit on the shelf. We ensure EMPs have clear environmental controls, assigned responsibilities and timing for implementation.

We scope and prepare our EMPs in consultation with the client and relevant regulatory/approval authorities to ensure we meet all statutory and operational requirements, whilst also creating a document that fits into the client’s Environmental Management System (EMS) and business operation.

We are flexible in our approach and will work with a client to create a functional document that is consistent in style, format and structure to existing documentation, where applicable. We can also audit, review and update existing EMPs.

Other types of environmental management plans Premise can prepare include:

  • Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP)
  • Mining Operation Plan (MOP) required for mining operations and soon to be replaced by Rehabilitation Management Plans (RMP).


Environmental Compliance

Premise can assist with establishing EMPs to ensure compliance but also assists our clients to manage any non-compliances. We have expertise across a variety of disciplines and industries to assist with managing non-compliances, including addressing the cause, finding an appropriate strategy to prevent non-compliances, and preparing submissions to regulatory bodies.

Premise can also assist with compliance audits and environmental audits that may be required by relevant consent conditions, licence conditions or regulators. We experienced in undertaking audits across a wide variety of industries.

Environmental Operational Support

Premise can provide a variety of technical expertise at your site to for on-site environmental advice, supervision, inspections, monitoring or to assist with preparation of environmental reporting such as Annual Environmental Management Reports and Annual Reviews.



Premise Ecology

Chloe Bigg - Premise

Chloe Bigg – Senior Environmental Scientist

Chloe is an experienced environmental professional with 10 years’ experience across the mining and exploration industry, regulation and environmental consulting. She has qualifications in geoscience, environmental management, government investigations and geographic information systems. Chloe has specific experience within environmental impact assessment, environmental management and planning, compliance management, constraints analysis, project management and consultation.

Chloe has project management and environmental experience for a diverse range of projects including but not limited to extractive industry, mining, solar farms, landfills, residential development, subdivision and rural industries. Experience includes preparation of statements of environmental effects, review of environmental factors, environmental impact statements, environmental management plans, rehabilitation plans, pollution incident response management plans and mining operations plans. Other experience includes GIS constraints analysis and mapping.

Chloe also has recent experience working for the NSW Resources Regulator and specialises in rehabilitation and Mining Act compliance.

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