Assessment of Endangered Ecosystems

Assessment of Endangered Ecosystems

Year: Assessment of Endangered Regional Ecosystem in Northern Corridor 12.3.3

Location: North Coast, QLD

Client: Department of Transport and Main Roads


Premise was engaged by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to undertake an assessment of the endangered Regional Ecosystem (RE) 12.3.3 within the North Coast Region road corridor. The key objectives for this project was to assess the presence and condition of mapped RE 12.3.3 throughout the region with the most significant, intact and high quality polygon/s identified to be nominated as a Significant Environmental Area (SEA).

Field surveys were conducted to identify species and vegetation within the survey area and to verify the RE mapping. Field surveys also aimed to determine the condition of the mapped RE. Flora surveys were conducted in areas of remnant vegetation including mapped REs and within regrowth vegetation. Flora sampling methods included CORVEG quaternary sites and BioCondition assessments.