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Bowen Water Treatment Plan

Main Switchboard Upgrade

Year: 2017 – ongoing

Client: Whitsunday Regional Council

Specs: $1.3 million project in initial stages


Premise undertook a power supply consolidation and design of new main switchboard to provide a reliability upgrade to the water treatment plant servicing the Bowen township. The intent was to provide connectivity for a permanent backup generator in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.

During Cyclone Debbie the Bowen community lost power to its water treatment plant for 2 weeks. Premise’s plan sought to prevent this recurrence in the future. Our client, the Whitsunday Regional Council, also received funding from State Government to support installation of a solar farm to offset associated power bills.

The new main switchboard now allows this solar farm to power the neighbouring water treatment plant. Premise provided a key link between that infrastructure and backup generators to prevent future emergency situations.

Premise has received only positive feedback from the client, especially in terms of the way Premise went above and beyond to facilitate quotes from multiple contractors to ensure value for money.