Premise Architecture provides a wide range of architectural services for private, commercial, institutional and government clients. We have experience in a broad range of building types with a focus on regional projects.

Our team is able to take a project from inception through approval to completion of construction and offers concept design, schematic design, Documentation and Contract Administration services.

We embrace design as a process and look to issues of usability, constructability, sustainability as the core principles that drive design decisions. With a strong regional focus and presence, we aim to produce buildings that are reflective of their context and exceed the requirements of our client’s briefs.

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James Buckley

Nominated Architect – NSW ARB 8504

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We have recent experience in:

  • Sporting Facilities
  • Master planning
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Churches
  • Bakeries
  • Laboratories

Architectural Services
A brief overview of the typical scope of the architectural service.

We work with you to take your brief and develop a “Return brief” that organises all your requirements into document that outlines the desired outcomes, opportunities and constraints, a schedule of accommodation and preliminary room layout sheets.

During Pre-Design we would also prepare a programme that outlines the time-frames for the various tasks and we organise surveys and geotechnical investigations as required from other consultants.

Schematic Design
We review and incorporate any comments on the Return Brief. We then prepare schematic design studies, illustrating the scale and relationship of the components, and the general character and appearance of the project. Usually several “schemes”, or variations and options to schemes, are considered.

This phase is an often and iterative process that may involve many meetings and consultation with the client and other stakeholders.

Developed Design
Based on the approved schematic design, we prepare the design development documents, consisting of plans, elevations and other drawings, and outline specifications, to fix and illustrate the size and character of the entire project. The kinds of materials, type of structure, mechanical and electrical systems, and such other work are described in a general nature.

During this phase we get the input of town planners and other necessary secondary consultants and prepare the package of documents for the Development Application.

Documentation Phase
After the client’s approval developed design, We complete working drawings and specifications for the architectural work and co-ordinate the input of structural, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic engineers, landscape architects and other necessary secondary consultants. We prepare the package of drawings and documents that need to be submitted for the Construction Certificate.

Tendering Phase
We typically invite tenders from up to 6 suitable builders who tender on the documents prepared in the documentation phase. We answer tenderers questions during the tender period and evaluate the tenders at the close of the tender period.

We provide a tender report and recommendation.

Construction Phase
An initial start-up meeting is held to familiarise the builder with the detailed procedures for the submission of cost breakdowns, requests for progress payments, schedules, shop drawings and samples. Periodic job visits are held as the work progresses.

During these visits, we familiarise ourselves generally with the progress and quality of the work to determine if the work is progressing in accordance with the contract documents. The contractors’ submission of shop drawings, material samples and progress claims are reviewed for compliance with the contract documents.

Progress Certificates, and variation approvals, when required, are issued by us for approval by the Owner.

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James Buckley – Principal Architect

James is a registered architect with 25 years’ experience in NSW. He has worked on a large number of projects of varying scales for institutional, public and private clients.

James has experience in all facets of the architectural process from initial concept through council approval, documentation and construction.

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