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The Premise team has substantial experience in supporting engineering, surveying, planning and architecture projects Australia wide. We have successfully contributed our skillsets to multifaceted designs and solutions; optimising the opportunity for innovation without compromise.

Our multidisciplinary team provide integrated ‘end-to-end’ services for all clients. Providing services to private clientele, commercial, institutional and government alike, our experience although vast is centred by our strong regional focus and presence.

Committed to our clients success, Premise engage in collaborative work, moulding functionality, feasibility and fluidity into our projects. Our services although specific in skill, form a holistic and well integrated approach.

Our team makes use of advanced management systems and proactively respond to variables. We understand the importance of expertise in large and evolving industries, and are able to offer innovative solutions without sacrifice of personalised attention.



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Our specialities exist within:
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For more than 30 years, engineering has been our core business. Achieving outcomes that are innovative, cost considerate and environmentally sustainable.

As engineers and interdisciplinary professionals, Premise has the size to offer integrated and innovative solutions, whilst maintaining personalised relationships with our clients. We have extensive expertise in engineering projects, be it civil, structural, environmental, mechanical, electrical, traffic or water.

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Our integrated team approach allows innovative and creative efficiencies resulting in cost effective outcomes for our clients. Our surveyors undertake all aspects of land surveying projects using advanced technology including Robotic Total Stations, GPS field systems and 3D laser scanner.

Our team undertakes all aspects of land survey projects, ensuring accurate examination, reports and potential project direction. Our capabilities to uncover and understand the pillars of each project help establish informed plans and designs moving forward.

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Clear communication and strong client relationships allow the Premise team to make use of all required expertise and area’s of skill to ensure every project and planning concept is completed to the highest degree.

We provide unique solutions tailored to our clients needs across multiple areas including use, development, control and maintenance. We offer detailed direction and ongoing project guidance throughout a planning phase until all outlined goals have been successfully achieved.

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Premise Architecture provides a wide range of architectural services for private, commercial, institutional and government clients. We have experience in a broad range of building types with a focus on regional projects.

We embrace design as a process and look to issues of usability, constructability, sustainability as the core principles that drive design decisions. With a strong regional focus and presence, we aim to produce buildings that are reflective of their context and exceed the requirements of our client’s briefs.

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