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REVEALED: Engineering merger will affect Mackay

WHILE the big boys and girls of the engineering consultancy world focus on the grand projects, a group of middle market firms has pooled together to strengthen their services.

This pooling has formed the Premise company, which will include the Mackay business UDP on Wellington St.

Office manager Chris Porter said the name Premise would soon light up Wellington St with the merger of his UDP Group and south-east based O2 Group now formally complete.

Premise executive director Patrick Brady, a former chairman of the Townsville Port Authority, said the merger had seen the company continue to grow at a time when others in regional Queensland had contracted.

“The capabilities we have acquired has taken our firm to the next level and we thought it was time to choose a brand fitting of these capabilities,” Mr Brady said.

“Premise is a strong brand and highlights that good development is the reason for being.

“It is also a reflection of the fact that it was property where our brand started and while we now offer many services across many sectors we will never forget those humble beginnings.”

Group chief executive officer David Pollock said by pooling services and skills the company could offer a wide range of specialities without their clients becoming lost in large corporate structures.

“We will be able to make sure the person that has delivered your services is the guy you still call on the phone,” he said.

“Compared to those tier one companies where you end up speaking to someone who may not have experience or knowledge of your project.

“Meanwhile the person who used to deliver your project has been swallowed-up by the corporate structure.”

Premise group officially launched on Friday.

Originally published by The Daily Mercury, reporter Campbell Gellie.