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Premise joins with NSW company Geolyse

We’re proud to announce that we have joined with NSW-based Geolyse to create a single group that will deliver increased expertise while maintaining personalised services across the two states.

Our companies merged during October following several months of negotiations.

Premise CEO Anton van Velden said the merger provided numerous benefits to the businesses, staff and clients.

“It will provide enhanced capability and geographic reach, as we continue to expand outside Queensland,” he said.

“It also creates exciting opportunities for staff across Queensland and NSW and will secure their employment futures in a strong, diverse and vibrant multi-disciplinary consulting company.

“Joining together of two successful companies that will create the potential for exposure into project disciplines that have not previously been offered by one or other of the merger partners.

Geolyse Director Greg Cooper said it was an exciting announcement in for both companies.

“Our companies have been working towards this outcome for most of this year,” he said.

“This announcement makes it official.”

Mr Cooper said Geolyse and Premise shared many similarities in work orientation and culture, while having complementary strengths and skills that would enhance the potential to increase the service offerings to all clients.

“This merger puts us firmly in frame as a leading Australian based consultancy business.”

“Together we are big enough to get results and deliver for the largest businesses in our markets, but producing high-end services specifically tailored for our client’s needs.”

Our new partner, Geolyse, has offices in Oran Park (south west Sydney), Orange and Dubbo. It was established in Dubbo in 1989 and offers engineering, town planning, survey and architectural services.

Left to right above: Geolyse: Greg Cooper, Matthew Thorne, Martin Haege, Premise: Patrick Brady, Anton van Velden, and Colin Duff