Road Infrastructure

  • Location | Isaac and Whitsunday Region, QLD

Carmichael Rail Project

Carmichael Rail Network are constructing a 200km rail line connecting the Carmichael coal mine to an existing Aurizon rail line for access to the port at Abbot Point north of Bowen. This includes a program of capital upgrades to the local and state-controlled road network in the Whitsunday and Isaac Regions. This work requires the upgrade of intersections, level crossings roads and rail over-passes to enable construction. The Premise team has delivered various roads packages in collaboration with Isaac Regional Council and Department of Transport and
Main Roads Queensland including:

  • Reconstruction of 25km of Stratford Road for use by heavy and commercial vehicles, including an intersection with Suttor Development Road (TMR)
  • Accesses, bulk earthworks, roads, stormwater drainage and traffic advice for Accommodation Camps
  • Carmichael-Elphinstone Road overpass temporary bypass
  • Suttor Development Road / Haul Road Intersection
  • Glen Avon Road / Haul Road Intersection

There was also a requirement to construct a 4km extension of Stratford Road incorporating a rail level crossing and a 7km property access to a design standard acceptable to the Local Authority. The suitability of the existing road required extensive horizontal and vertical realignment to achieve the required design standards.

Through this project, Premise was able to demonstrate the company’s ability to support remote project construction and collaborative approach to stakeholder engagement and management.

Image credit: Bowen Rail