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Queensland waterways facing rise in sediment pollution

Industry reports have highlighted an ongoing need for technical innovation in the field of water quality and sediment pollution. At Premise, our product Turbid provides technological solutions to reduce sediment runoff and those issues impacting waterways throughout Queensland.

New data released by Healthy Land and Water has revealed that sediment pollution is an ongoing problem thoughout South East Quensland. In fact, an estimated 30 000 dump trucks worth of sediment have entered local waterways this year, doubling amounts from 2016.

The Healthy Land and Water Report Card provides an annual snapshot of catchments in Brisbane, Toowoomba, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Each catchment is graded according to environmental conditions (A- F), along with the social and economic benefits provided to local communities (1- 5 stars). This year, reports found that rising floodwaters and riverbank degredation have allowed considerable volumes of soil and mud to run-off into Moreton Bay.

Healthy waterways are essential for a balanced ecosystem. Our specialist product Turbid is designed to reduce on-site sediment runoff, and provide hassle-free compliance for diversified clients across Queensland. Using an innovative flocbox system, Turbid can also offer solutions in stormwater management with applications in a range of settings including mine sites, construction and urban developments.

Moving forward, The Healthy Land and Water Report Card evaluates opportunities for improvement throughout 2018. The report aims to identify opportunities to reduce pollutant loads entering waterways; maintain water quality; and safeguard habitats for flora and fauna. For more information on how Turbid can assist in supporting these outcomes, visit the website.