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Premise has extensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) experience across a diverse range of sectors and projects, including residential development, infrastructure, agriculture, mining, industrial development and renewable energy developments. We are involved with small scale local developments through to state significant projects, with experience in both regional and urban areas.

We have expertise in project management of complex multidisciplinary environmental impact assessments and offer extensive supporting services for these projects including ecology, heritage, engineering, survey, architecture, environmental monitoring, environmental management, contaminated land, spatial analysis and mapping, and consultation with community and stakeholders.

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Premise work collaboratively with our clients to understand project requirements and ensure a tailored assessment approach that meets the needs of the client, regulatory or approval authorities, and those affected by the project. Premise can undertake the following environmental assessments, specific to your project requirements or approval pathway:

  • Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) to support local or regional development under Part 4 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.
  • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to support a designated development proposal, where the development is identified as designated in a planning instrument or meets the designated development requirements under Schedule 3 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.
  • Review of Environmental Factors (REF) to support a proposal under Part 5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. These are often public projects including infrastructure proposals that are approved by local Councils or State agencies which are undertaking them.


The following environmental assessments to support various applications:

  • Biodiversity assessments – click here for more details.
  • Heritage assessments – click here for more details.
  • Contaminated land assessments
  • Bushfire Assessments to support a development application, in accordance with the NSW Rural Fire Service Planning for Bushfire Protection.
  • Agricultural Impact Statements (AIS)
  • Land Capability Assessments

Somerset Wetland Macrophytes (1)

Somerset Wetland

Premise can undertake a variety of other environmental assessments to determine environmental impacts for your business operation or impacts to private property, irrespective of whether development consent is sought. This may be required in response to a pollution event, regulatory requirement or audit outcome.

Premise can also undertake environmental constraints analysis to determine what environmental or planning constraints may apply to your site or project. Deliverables can include written environmental assessment reports, drawings and maps, and spatial data.

Premise has a variety of professionals who can assist with your specific environmental assessment requirements, whether it be impacts to biodiversity, hydrology, land and soil, agriculture, traffic, community or visual amenity. Premise also has existing and ongoing relationships with specialists for air quality, noise, vibration and blasting impact assessments.

For more information on planning and approval pathways, please click here.

Chloe Bigg - Premise


Chloe is an experienced environmental professional with 10 years’ experience across the mining and exploration industry, regulation and environmental consulting. She has qualifications in geoscience, environmental management, government investigations and geographic information systems. Chloe has specific experience within environmental impact assessment, environmental management and planning, compliance management, constraints analysis, project management and consultation.

Chloe has project management and environmental experience for a diverse range of projects including but not limited to extractive industry, mining, solar farms, landfills, residential development, subdivision and rural industries. Experience includes preparation of statements of environmental effects, review of environmental factors, environmental impact statements, environmental management plans, rehabilitation plans, pollution incident response management plans and mining operations plans. Other experience includes GIS constraints analysis and mapping.

Chloe also has recent experience working for the NSW Resources Regulator and specialises in rehabilitation and Mining Act compliance.

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