Stormwater Quality Management Plan

Residential Development

Year: 2010

Location: Thornlands, Brisbane, QLD

Client: Redland City Council

Specs: 10.72ha residential development net area


The residential development had a net area of 10.72ha, however was a part of the 2010 regional South East Thornlands Structure Plan. Such that 2.426ha of the site was dedicated to the integration of a ‘regional’ stormwater treatment device, allocated to treat a catchment of area 30.675ha.

With a wetland initially proposed, a diverse and innovative strategy including multiple stormwater quality improvement devices was utilised instead. This was done in order to further reduce pollutant loading on the surrounding environment whilst also reducing maintenance costs and land resumption. The proposed strategy adopted treatment devices including swales, bio-retention basins as well as a wetland.


  • 3800m2 wetland designed with inlet zone (including bypass weir), macrophyte zone, outlet, and high flow bypass channel. Designed to bypass flows above and including the Q50 event
  • Additional 75m Vegetated swale and 1380m2 Bio-retention basin
  • Extensive water quality modelling using MUSIC (Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation)
  • Optimum efficiency of land use relative to treatment outcomes
  • Provisions for erosion and sediment control during construction phases