Springbrook Stage 4 Residential Development

Hydraulic Impact Assessment

Location: Springbrook, Moreton Bay Region, QLD

Client: QM Properties Pty Ltd

Specs: $9,600 budget


Premise Water was commissioned by QM Properties Pty Ltd to undertake a Hydraulic Impact Assessment for a residential development. This assessment was carried out to support the development application of a site subjected to:

  • Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) Flood hazard overlays
  • Overland flow paths, and
  • Environmental (waterways) overlays


The development site was a 34.8ha lot with a local creek passing through. It had multiple proposed internal waterway crossings as well as existing hydraulic infrastructure. The scope of the project was to develop, calibrate, and test hydrologic and hydraulic models for the catchment to inform and devise appropriate mitigation strategies.

1% AEP Peak flood WL _Pre_springbrook