Terrestrial and Aquatic Flora, Fauna and Surface Water Baseline Studies

  • Year | 2012-2015
  • Location | East Arnhem Land, NT


Arnhem Land Gas Exploration

Exploration Permit (EP) 180, 181, 182, 183, 184, 187 and 188 are held by Imperial Oil and Gas (IOG) for the purpose of petroleum exploration. IOG is exploring for conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons. The project area is located from Nhulunbuy (approximately 600km east of Darwin) in the north to McArthur River in the south extending through Eastern Arnhem Land.

Premise team experts have undertaken baseline surveys during 2012 – 2015 through these EPs. Investigations have involved desktop investigations, survey designs, and preliminary terrestrial and aquatic ecological assessments to identify key ecological characteristics and potential constraints to exploration and development within these areas.

A surface water quality sampling program was designed and implemented by the team to capture seasonal variation of monsoonal river and creek systems through the EPs.