Manus Island Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Location | Lorengau, Manus Island, PNG


Manus Island Environmental Impact Assessment

Water PNG commissioned Premise to undertake Detailed Design and Documentation consultant services for the Lorengau Town Sewerage Scheme, Manus Island, Papua New Guinea.

The detailed design investigation phase included completion of baseline studies and a thorough Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to identify any potential environmental impacts arising from the proposed activity and inform design options to minimise any potential impacts.

The primary objectives of the EIA Report were to:

  • Describe the baseline conditions of the bio-physical, biological and socio-economic environment within and adjacent to the project area, based on review of available literature and the results of targeted field survey investigations.
  • Identify the key elements of the proposed activity with the potential to impact the environment, either during construction or operational phases of the proposed activity.
  • Assess the potential for the proposed activity to result in environmental impacts and, where possible, quantifying the extent and severity of any environmental impacts.
  • Identify mitigation, monitoring, and management strategies to minimise the risk of environmental impact.