Business Case | Replacement Bridges

  • Location | QLD

Fitzroy Developmental Road Bridges

Project consists of development of a Business Case Report for the upgrade of three bridges along Fitzroy Developmental Road, located at Harry Brandt Creek, Isaac River, Isaac River Overflow. The upgrade is required to improve safety for all vehicles and provide sufficient width for passing vehicles as well as supporting economic prosperity locally.

Fitzroy Developmental Road is a strategic link regularly used by OSOM dimensional vehicles and a Type 1 road train route, and safety concerns of vehicles passing each other on the bridges requires to be addressed to support future development of the route. Upgrades consist of:

  • A 2.3km road upgrade and two new bridges (54m and 27m in length) at the Isaac River site.
  • A 1.4km road upgrade and new 54m length bridge at Harry Brandt Creek.

Preliminary Design
Preliminary design drawings consist of horizontal and vertical alignment, type cross sections and bridge general arrangement drawings.

Risk Assessment and Concept Estimate
A risk register was established at an early stage and treated as a ‘live’ document, being updated as the job progresses, with a focus on safety, constructability and road user requirements. The outcomes of the risk assessment enable evaluation to ensure adequate allowance is included in the cost estimate.
The identification of relevant costs and benefits forms the basis of the
cost-benefit analysis to establish the benefit cost ratio (BCR).