Survey, design and upgrade of Goonoo Feedlot

  • Year | 2017
  • Location | Comet River, Central QLD
  • Specs | 15,000 SCU – 45,000 SCU


Goonoo Feedlot Design

In 1994, Premise designed Goonoo Feedlot and managed its construction. The original design was for 15,000 SCU. Premise undertook hydrological modelling to determine the capacity of the main drinking water storage.

The functional layout of Goonoo Feedlot is regarded as one of the best in Australia and has been used as a template at other sites.

Premise has maintained a relationship with AA Co over the past 20 years and has been involved with several projects at Goonoo including construction of an extra row of pens and irrigation dam design. Currently, Premise is working with AA Co on the expansion of Goonoo Feedlot to 45,000 SCU and have developed the design plans for this.