Project Management for Owners Engineer

  • Year | 2020
  • Location | Townsville, QLD
  • Specs | 36.5 km pipeline


  • Patrick Brady

    Chairman/Executive Director

Haughton Pipeline Duplication

The 36.5km Townsville City Council Haughton Pipeline Duplication Project is funded by Queensland Government to improve water security for Townsville. The $215 million project will improve water security for Townsville and is providing a strong employment boost for north Queensland. Stage 1 of the 1.8m diameter Glass Reinforced Polymer pipeline will pump water from the Upper Haughton Irrigation Channel into Townsville’s Ross Dam water supply.

As Project Managers, Premise is working with the design engineers as the Owners Engineer and more recently with the Construction Superintendent / Principal’s Representative and Townsville City Council.  The pipeline was to be delivered through a team collaboration aimed to maximise local participation. Premise were responsible for:

  • Overall coordination and management and development of a set of performance indicators for the project.
  • Coordination of the survey and geotechnical investigations with the design to meet the demand requirements.
  • Liaison with the local Traditional Owners and development of a Cultural Heritage Agreement for the project.
  • Liaison with Local Industry to assess capability and raise awareness.
  • Development of Project and Procurement Plans to maximise local content and identify long lead items, items that could not be locally sourced and to develop contracts that met the local capability.
  • Preparation of tender documents, assessment of tenders received and preparation of contracts for the successful contractors.
  • Reporting to the Project Leadership Team of Council on Safety, Budget Programme and the Performance Indicators.