• Year | 2015 – 2016
  • Location | Flinders River, Richmond, QLD
  • Specs | $2 million (project value)

Hulberts Bridge Replacement

Premise worked directly with the Richmond Shire Council to complete this project, which was awarded a grant under the Royalties for the Regions Program. Our work involved replacing the existing Hulberts Bridge (on Maxwelton-Bunda Road) with a structure that is higher, more robust, and flood-resistant.

Hulberts Bridge is the only access to the northern and western half of Richmond Shire when the Flinders River is in flow. The existing bridge was built in 1926 and was in poor condition, deemed unsafe for today’s loads, which include 140 tonne cattle road trains.

Without this project load limits would have to be introduced, meaning road trains and other large trucks which move cattle to market would not be able to cross – resulting in additional expenses and reduced income and productivity.

Premise was engaged to arrange geotechnical investigation and reporting of the site foundations in accordance with DTMR Structures Branch Standards and minimum requirements. We also undertook the detailed design of the replacement structure, in accordance with Australian Standards.

The design was to include the substructure, superstructure, relieving slab, abutments, and protection barriers. Premise also provided detailed design of the bitumen sealed approaches for 300 metres with a sealed width of 7 metres, and prepared full documentation to allow Council to seek a Contractor to construct the structure by open Tender.