Local Flood Assessment

  • Location | Jellinbah, Bowen Basin, QLD


Jellinbah Mine Central Pit

The Jellinbah Mine is a coal mining operation in the Bowen Basin run by Jellinbah Mining Pty Ltd. The mine’s whole of site Water Management Plan (WMP) addresses actual or potential environmental impacts resulting from water management, as required by the Environmental Authority (EA) EPML00516813 dated February 2016. However, the WMP is based on average annual rainfall data and there is a need to understand the risk associated with flooding of local catchments encompassing Jellinbah Mine.

Premise was commissioned to review overland flow conditions for more extreme events to identify areas and infrastructure at risk of flooding and develop mitigation measures to protect these assets. The objective of the study was to successfully:

  • Test the system for at least the 100, 1,000 and 2,000 year rainfall and flood events
  • Identify areas and surface mine infrastructure exposed to stormwater flooding in each scenario, and map them over a site plan
  • Identify which infrastructure is exposed and in which situation
  • Determine any flood protection or mitigation measures