Various expansions of Kurrawong Feedlot

  • Year | 2017
  • Location | Quinalow, Darling Downs, QLD
  • Specs | 8,000 SCU – 23,0000SCU

Kurrawong Feedlot

In 2008, Premise was engaged by Morgan Pastoral Company Pty Ltd to assist with the expansion development of Kurrawong Feedlot from a 30 year old 8,000 SCU feedlot to a new 14,000 SCU feedlot.

The original feedlot was designed by Dr Peter Watts in 1988. Premise was responsible for the design and project management of the expansion components including, site surveying, obtaining approvals, development of the overall site plan to fit seamlessly together with existing infrastructure, feedlot earthworks, manure storage/handling and effluent management design, and eventual set-out of pens and ponds when required.

In 2016, Premise was again engaged to assist with the expansion of the feedlot to 23,000 SCU. Premise undertook site surveying, feedlot design, and the use of MEDLI modelling as an input into the feedlot odour model.

With Premise’s wider experience, a stormwater management report was also prepared for this application. This expansion was approved by Toowoomba Regional Council in 2017.