Best practice user guide

  • Year | 2015

Poultry Litter

The Australian chicken meat industry produces an estimated 1 million tonnes of poultry litter (manure and spent bedding material) every year. This material is generally considered a by-product rather than a waste, and has a modest economic value to the industry.

Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) engaged Premise to develop a user guide covering the range of best practice spent litter utilisation options.

Premise reviewed the findings of previous field studies and categorised this information within the following broad topics:

  • Typical characteristics of poultry litter production in Australia
  • Land application of poultry litter
  • Reuse of poultry litter
  • Energy generation from litter
      • This information was used to generate the following spent litter management guides for growers:

        • A user’s guide for land application of litter
        • An energy recovery user guide
        • A litter reuse guide
            • The user guide provides advice on utilising litter to:

              • Maximise a revenue stream
              • Use as an energy source
              • Provide nutrients and organic matter for crop or pasture production